Taproot Spotlight

Taproot pays attention to the people you serve, which pays dividends for your organization.

  • Keep up on news from members or other connections.
  • Amplify their successes, milestones, events, and opportunities.
  • Get high-quality, regular content with very little effort.

How we can help

  • If you run a member-based organization, we can help you show value for recruitment and retention.
  • If you serve a community of stakeholders, we can help you keep them up-to-date and connected with one another.
  • If you have an internal team, we can help you keep everyone informed and aligned.

How it works


Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily — we'll deliver the content on a schedule that makes sense for you


Newsletter or insert — we can manage your newsletter or deliver a drop-in ready insert for your existing publication


Minimal — tell us who you want to pay attention to, and keep us informed about any changes to your list

What our customers say

Vicki Saunders

Vicki Saunders


“Taproot’s Spotlight service has made SheEO’s newsletter process easier, allowing us to amplify and stay up-to-date with our Ventures without spending lots of time on our end. This has also turned into content for our social media making our feeds a tool to amplify + engage with our community, in turn helping us attract more women who want to co-create an equitable + sustainable world.”

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Lazina Mckenzie

Lazina Mckenzie

Program Manager
ThresholdImpact Venture Mentoring Service

“Taproot Publishing has helped us share more about our community members in way less time than we could ever have done on our own. Not only is the information collected more thorough, it's also valuable to us being able to fully share the impact that is generated within the ThresholdImpact VMS program.”

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Carly Wells

Carly Wells

Senior Manager
ATB BoostR

“Taproot allowed us to tap into the lives of ATB's entrepreneurs to celebrate their milestones, see how businesses are collaborating in real time, and feature relevant events. Entrepreneurs seek awareness from the general public — that costs time and resources. We received many thank-yous from entrepreneurs who were featured as this created another avenue for their business to be seen.”

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Marcela Mandeville

Marcela Mandeville

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

“Taproot has allowed us to stay on top of important milestones and announcements from our community, enabling us to respond quickly and amplify their successes. The spotlights are consistent and contain concise information with helpful links. The reports provide valuable information and insight about the impact our programs are having in the community, which we are able to share with our stakeholders.”

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How much you'll invest

The investment you'll make in a Spotlight briefing varies depending on your desired rhythm, delivery method, and content, but typically it ranges from $7,500 to $25,000 CAD per year, plus GST.

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