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We help communities understand themselves better.

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We see a future in which communities are served by sustainably funded acts of journalism facilitated by technology. We equip individuals and organizations with the information they need to contribute to their community, make good decisions, and stay engaged with others.

Taproot Edmonton

Journalism that informs and connects citizens

Taproot Edmonton
  • Daily
    A daily digest of local news (coming soon)
  • Roundups
    Weekly email newsletters on local topics
  • Original reporting
    Stories and podcasts covering local issues
  • Special projects
    Like the #yegvote and COVID-19 microsites

Taproot Briefings

Briefings that inform and connect organizations

Taproot Briefings
  • Spotlight
    Membership and community-building
  • Beacon
    Thought leadership and marketing
  • Monitor
    Media monitoring
  • Insight
    Customer and competitor intelligence

We sort through the noise so you can:

  • Know what's happening
  • Make informed decisions
  • Save time

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