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Taproot’s briefing service delivers the relevant, trustworthy information your team needs.

  • Know when your organization is in the news
  • Learn what’s happening in your community
  • Equip everyone with consistent intelligence
  • See what members, stakeholders or prospects are up to


Successful organizations run on relevant, timely information. We deliver it efficiently, saving you time.


Augmented intelligence. We combine automation and real people to produce a briefing that is better than either could do alone.


A newsletter emailed to everyone who needs it, so they can start their day knowing what they need to know.

See it in action

Here's a live example of a Taproot-branded daily briefing:

We can help you if:

You need to keep everyone on the same page but your organization is too large to easily communicate with everyone at once.

You are spending time and money on media monitoring services that don’t quite tell you what you need to know, or need a lot of massaging to get there.

You run a member-based organization and want to provide value by shining a light on your members’ activities.

You want to efficiently keep tabs on what clients, prospects or stakeholders are involved in.

Organizations we've worked with:

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Edmonton Global

Edmonton International Airport

Your organization could be next!

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